Ford O'Brien Landy, LLP
Group Photo of the Ford O'Brien Landy Team

Driven. Creative. Strategic. Focused.

Ford O’Brien Landy LLP is a litigation boutique with offices in New York City, Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida. Our law firm is focused on helping professionals and companies find answers to their most difficult legal challenges.

Your Strategic Partner for Commercial Disputes, Investigations, Regulatory Enforcement Actions and Criminal Matters

At Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, our team of innovative and skilled lawyers prides itself on guiding businesses and professionals through complex and often daunting legal challenges. We focus our practice on passionately representing clients in high-stakes commercial disputes, and in defending clients that are subject to regulatory investigative and enforcement proceedings as well as criminal prosecution for white collar crimes.

As a boutique firm, we can approach your case in a streamlined and efficient manner, without the burdens and (sometimes extraordinary) expense that comes from hiring a large “white shoe” firm. We know how to skillfully prepare a comprehensive strategy that will allow us to address all aspects of a case and to balance clients’ complex interests.

A History Of Results

Our attorneys have handled many high-profile cases in the financial, securities, technology, and other industries. We do everything we can to find prompt resolutions to your legal concerns, because we know how difficult it can be to have an unresolved legal issue facing you or your company.

We understand that you and your business are coming to us because you need a law firm that can devote its complete attention to your case. We are that firm. We treat each and every case with the respect it deserves. When you work with us, you have a team of committed advocates examining your situation to determine what can be done to help you protect and advance your interests at all times.


Even the most complicated cases have solutions. We have the extensive experience you can rely upon to develop a creative approach that helps you resolve your most difficult legal problems.