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3 Signs Your Company Is The Target Of A Phishing Scheme

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Blog

Your company’s computers are a treasure trove of valuable information. You try to protect employee, customer and business data from fraud and thievery every day.

One thing you protect your information from is phishing. Phishers can use email to target information like yours. If they get their hands on it, they’ll use that information for their personal gain.

You are aware of the threat of phishing. But what does phishing look like? (Source: “Protect yourself from phishing schemes and other forms of online fraud,” Microsoft Office 365)

These are 3 signs of phishing that you or your employees could catch in an email.

  • Does the email ask for an employee’s private information?Phishers know that the easiest way to gain access to information is to simply ask for it. They could pretend to be a bank or other institution and ask the recipient to verify information. Employees should always be wary of an unusual verification request.
  • Does the email have any suspicious attachments?Attachments that an employee wasn’t expecting could put malware on their computer. Make sure your employees know not to click attachments that they do not recognize.
  • Does the email have a misleading link?Phishers often send links that are “masked.” A masked link has the same name as a legitimate website, but it actually takes the clicker somewhere else. One way to check if a link is fraudulent is to hold your cursor over the link. If a different link appears in a small window when you’re hovering, that could mean that the link is fake.

If you or your employees have been the victims of phishing, you may want an attorney, such as Ford O’Brien Landy, LLP, to discuss your options with you. You may be able to recover damages.