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Helping Businesses And Individuals With State Regulatory Matters

When it comes to regulatory concerns, most of the attention is devoted to complying with various federal rules and regulations, especially when it comes to the securities industry.

In addition to the federal laws, various state agencies also have specific rules in place that professionals and companies in certain fields must follow. If any violations of these laws are discovered, it is possible that the agency may take action, which could mean a civil suit or criminal charges against those suspected of wrongdoing.

At Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, our attorneys have helped many clients effectively comply with various administrative agencies in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere. Our practice is focused on helping individuals and companies in the financial industry, and we have a depth of knowledge handling regulatory matters. Our lawyers know how to create an effective plan to address both state and federal regulatory concerns.

Advice And Guidance To Help You Make The Right Decisions

When developing our strategy, we make sure to consider the potential impact that the matter will have upon the entire situation. For example, if there is a criminal component to your case, we will aggressively defend you against these charges, and put you in a position to then successfully fight any pending civil actions.