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Answers That Can Help Your Business Protect the Bottom Line

Businesses depend on consistency and predictability. We keenly understand that disputes and litigations threaten to disrupt business operations and create undue strains on revenue. Litigation is often unpredictable, but with the right plan, you can help reduce the potential uncertainties that may result in your case by anticipating and planning for contingencies.

With offices in New York City and Austin, Texas, Ford O’Brien Landy LLP offers you and your business the sophisticated approach that can help you protect your bottom line. Our attorneys have handled a number of extremely complicated litigation in state, federal and appellate courts.

We have a long history of obtaining successful results for our clients, whether they are on the plaintiff’s or defendant’s side. We develop creative strategies to provide each with high-quality representation and offer several fee structures. We keep your goals and expectations at the center of our focus when handling your case, and are committed to helping you get the best possible outcome both in and out of court.

We Can Help You Build An Effective Litigation Strategy

As a boutique law firm, we focus our practice on representing all manner of businesses and individuals, including investment funds, technology companies and manufacturers, as well as principals, managers and professionals with complex litigation concerns. Some of the various litigation matters on which we have worked include:

Our main goal is to help you develop the approach that best minimizes the potential risks and damages that may result from a dispute, best maximizes the chance at recovering losses, or both. Whether you are facing the threat of litigation or are considering a suit against another company or entity, we can help you determine and implement the best legal plan to advance your specific interests, and guide you through it every step of the way.

We understand that commercial litigation is always an investment. As a firm, we know that your main goal is to get to the best outcome as quickly as possible. Sometimes those goals are met through forceful litigation, sometimes through a well-negotiated settlement and sometimes by walking away. We will help you evaluate the risks and potential returns of a case at the beginning, and as the case evolves.

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The future of your case often depends upon working with a law firm that knows how to develop the right strategy. Our lawyers have routinely handled complex cases involving many millions of dollars. We know what you have at stake, and we have the creativity and knowledge that you need to find solutions inside and outside of the courtroom.