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Fiduciary Duty Claims

Certain business relationships involve heightened duties such as the duties often owed by professionals to their clients, and the duties owed among partners. The key personnel of a company or its board are required to act in a manner that advances the interests of the business, rather than any personal motivations.

When those heightened duties to the business are breached, the injured clients may have claims for compensation. Under certain state laws, that may even include compensation beyond the actual damages. Other business relationships are considered to be arms length where the law implies no special duties on individual employees.

The line between contractual and fiduciary duties is consequential, but often unclear. The attorneys at Ford O’Brien Landy LLP can help determine whether you are owed (or owe) fiduciary duties, and provide advice on how the existence or lack of such duties should impact litigation as well as general business conduct. Our lawyers have handled a number of complex cases regarding the breach of fiduciary duties from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective.