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Helping Broker-Dealers In FINRA Arbitration

Contracts often contain provisions that relegate any dispute arising from the contract to arbitration as a mandatory alternative to litigation in court. This means instead of litigating your dispute in the courtroom, your case is held in front of an arbitrator or arbitrators who will issue a legally binding ruling in your case. Arbitrators’ awards are not subject to appeal, except in rare circumstances.

Arbitral forums, such as the AAA, the ICC, JAMS and FINRA, each have their own rules and procedures that can vary significantly from litigation. It is important that the lawyer you hire to take your arbitration case understands the specific procedures being used in that particular forum.

Sometimes taking a case to arbitration is advantageous to one party or the other, and sometimes it is good for both. Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, located in New York, is well-acquainted with several arbitral forums, and is very comfortable representing clients in disputes before most English-language forums. We also have experience litigating the question of whether disputes belong in arbitration in the first place.