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Driven. Creative. Strategic. Focused.

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Sometimes litigation does not go the way you want, and you have to decide whether to invest more time, energy, and funds into an appeal. Moreover, appeals can be difficult to win. In most cases, you will have a very short opportunity to convince a panel of judges that one of their respected colleagues got it wrong.

All too often, the difference between winning, and losing an appeal depends more on getting the attention and focus of the appellate court, rather than the complicated merits of the appeal.

The attorneys at Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, located in New York, are experienced appellate litigators. We handle appeals in cases where we represented the appellant in the lower courts, as well as appeals where we take over from other firms.

When representing appellants, our attorneys know what needs to be done to maximize the value of that short window of opportunity an appeal affords, and how to simplify and prioritize appellate issues to boost your chances of getting an appellate panel more interested in your case than the scores of other matters they deal with every month.