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Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

For professionals working in the securities industry, mail, and wire fraud charges are relatively common allegations.

At Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, we defend broker dealers, officers, executives, as well as managers in these organizations and companies charged with mail and wire fraud. We represent clients ranging from entrepreneurial startup entities to multinational Fortune 500 companies in a variety of sectors. Our attorneys are skilled at preparing strategies to fight federal charges, having experienced a history of success in high-profile cases. We do everything we can to limit the potential impact that these charges will have upon your future.

What Might Lead To Mail Or Wire Fraud Charges?

If a person uses a cellphone to call an investor or sends an email to a group of investors that is designed to entice these individuals to invest in a fraudulent scheme (like a Ponzi scheme), this may lead to wire fraud charges. It is important to note that each mailing, email, or phone call may lead to a separate charge.

Before you make any decisions about your future, you need an experienced legal team on your side. Our lawyers have handled a number of these cases, as well as the civil actions that are often connected to mail and wire fraud charges. Do not discuss your case with the prosecution until you know all of your options.