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Securities Fraud Cases

Investors depend upon their brokers and advisors to create a comprehensive portfolio that allows them to have a favorable rate of return on their investments. Each person’s situation is different, and the plan that an investment firm creates must reflect those specific needs. When problems arise, the investor might allege that the firm engaged in securities fraud when carrying out its obligations. This allegation may lead to criminal charges.

At Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, we protect the rights of financial professionals who have been charged with white collar crimes such as securities fraud. With extensive experience representing our clients in state and federal courts, we know how to develop a comprehensive strategy that helps you defend against the criminal charges, as well as any civil proceedings that may result from your case.

A Legal Team Committed To Protecting Your Future

We understand that there are extremely serious consequences to you and your business if you are convicted of these charges. We use our skills and knowledge to prepare a strong defense that fights back against prosecutors. Some of the various types of securities fraud that our lawyers have helped clients defend against include:

  • Allegations that brokers have made improper investments for their investors
  • Situations where brokers have bought or sold stock without the permission of their clients
  • Cases involving the purchase of a large amount of stock to enhance commissions
  • Scenarios where brokers have all funds tied up in extremely risky and aggressive investments
  • Allegations that hedge fund managers deceived investors as to the value of their investments and improperly refused to grant redemption requests

We have represented many broker dealers, traders, and other financial professionals in complex fraud matters. As a boutique firm that focuses on securities cases, our attorneys have developed the skills necessary to successfully protect our clients’ interests. With a strong record of success in high-profile cases, we know what we must do to help you obtain positive results.