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Representing Financial Professionals Charged With White Collar Crimes

Being charged with a crime is a very serious matter, but the stakes are raised when the charges could take away your livelihood or even your freedom. For financial professionals, the mere allegation of a criminal act could make it impossible for you to retain your job, or find work once the case has come to an end. It is essential that you offer an effective defense to any and all charges that you may be facing.

At Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, we provide aggressive representation to individuals who are facing state or federal white collar crimes. Several of our attorneys have served in government at law enforcement agencies. Because of our decades of experience in and out of government, we understand the steps necessary to build a winning strategy in your case. Our attorneys have handled a number of high-profile criminal cases, and know how to effectively limit the potential consequences that may result from increased public attention.

Creative Strategies To Help You Fight Back

We have helped many officers, executives, and brokers, as well as foreign and domestic companies, devise comprehensive strategies that take their entire case into consideration. We are focused on making sure that the approach that we take offers you protection throughout the criminal case, as well as any civil administrative matters that may also be connected. Some of the various types of white collar charges that our lawyers help clients defend against include:

  • Government and internal investigations — we can help from the moment a client finds out that he or she may be the subject of a criminal investigation
  • Mail and wire fraud — including the alleged use of electronic devices to spread information that is intended to defraud investors
  • Insider trading — when brokers or firms are accused of using insider information to buy or sell stock or crypto/digital assets at a huge profit before this knowledge becomes known to the general public
  • Securities fraud — when brokers or companies are charged with devising schemes that allow them to increase their profits at the expense of investors
  • Data breaches — when a customer’s sensitive personal data have been exposed in some manner
  • Consumer fraud — when a business or individual is alleged to have defrauded a consumer due to a deceptive business practice
  • Money laundering — when a business or individual is alleged to be hiding or “laundering” money in order to make it appear legitimate

We pay close attention to the “big picture” in your case. We know that there will be issues connected to your current legal problems that may impact your business as much as any possible criminal charges.

If you have been charged with a crime, or learn that you are being suspected of criminal activity and are subject to an investigation, reach out to a member of our team as soon as possible. With our extensive experience inside the courtroom handling state and federal charges, we are confident that we can address your problems.