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Breach Of Contract Matters

Contracts come in countless varieties: written, oral, signed, unsigned, e-signed, email agreements, purchase and sale agreement, employment agreement, agreements for services, nondisclosure agreements, brokerage agreements, professional services agreements, financial agreements, guaranties, leases, licenses, etc.

The lion’s share of commercial disputes throughout the country, regardless of whether they ever make it to court, arise from differing views by parties to a contract. Parties can dispute whether a contract existed, what the terms of a contract were or meant, and whether one party or the other complied with its obligations under a contract. In many cases, contracts can be enforced, but in some cases, their obligations can be voided.

Both parties involved in the case will often experience some sort of disruption due to the contract dispute. Businesses and individuals will have to spend time and money evaluating their options with experienced attorneys. The looming threat of potential litigation can make it impossible to perform business as usual.

Our lawyers can help you focus at the issues present in your case. Ford O’Brien Landy LLP‘s seasoned litigators will help you evaluate the merits of any contractual dispute, and formulate and execute an efficient plan that maximizes your chances to reach a positive outcome.