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Trading Charges

Investors depend upon the advice of financial professionals to make their investments profitable over the long term. Brokers and hedge funds need to stay on top of all of the information coming out about a company to ensure that they are making the right choices with an investor’s funds. Buying or selling at the right time can mean the difference between significant profit or loss.

In some situations, the SEC may be paying close attention to trades that are made at extremely opportune times. Many individuals and companies have been charged with insider trading, meaning that they received information that led to a purchase or sale before this information was made public. Under some circumstances, the receipt and use of this information is a crime.

At Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, our lawyers know how to fight insider trading allegations. Our firm has handled a number of high-profile cases connected to insider trading, and our attorneys understand what is necessary to present a strong defense for you or your business.

Developing A Creative Strategy To Fight Insider Trading Allegations

Often in these cases, the SEC will begin an investigation into the case before charges are filed. They will attempt to speak with you to gather information to determine whether or not you acted unlawfully when you made the purchase or sale of stock.

If you learn that you are the target of an SEC investigation, you need to take the matter seriously. These allegations, if not handled properly, can ruin your career, and make it impossible for you to find work in the industry.

Our lawyers have spent their entire legal careers working with financial professionals who find themselves facing legal challenges. We handle not only the criminal portion of your case, but also any civil issues that may result from these charges. We make sure that the defense you present does not have a negative impact upon any potential claims that may be filed against you at a later point in time.