Driven. Creative. Strategic. Focused.

Driven. Creative. Strategic. Focused.

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About Our Legal Team

With offices in New York City, Miami, and Austin, Ford O’Brien Landy LLP is a boutique law firm that represents professionals, and companies throughout the world in complex securities, financial, and other commercial matters.

Our attorneys all acquired their skills working for the most prestigious law firms, and prosecutors’ offices, and have developed the know-how necessary to help you and your company prepare creative strategies to whatever legal problems you may be facing.

Focused On Your Legal Needs

As your attorneys, we serve many different roles throughout your case. We are here to offer you guidance, and advice throughout your pending legal matter. We develop an approach that never loses sight of the big picture.

Representing a client in an active case can involve myriad tasks of varying importance. When a matter has both a civil, and criminal, or regulatory component, there can be a lot going on at once. We make sure that whatever we do, large or small, serves the same big-picture goals that we establish with you at the outset of our work.