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3 Congressman Win Reelection While Under Indictment

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Blog

Last Tuesday’s midterm election results were notable for many reasons, including this dubious factoid: three candidates under indictment for various felony fraud charges were able to win reelection.

The trio consists of Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (wire fraud charges and misuse of campaign donations) Rep. Chris Collins (federal insider trading charges) and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (state securities fraud charges). The former two were able to win reelection to Congress while the latter was able to retain his position in Texas (Source: “Three candidates indicted on felony fraud charges survive midterms. Just barely.“, The Washington Post).

It should be pointed out that all three men deny any wrongdoing and say the charges against them are politically motivated. Setting that aside, it is not common for people to continue prospering professionally or financially while under indictment for federal fraud charges. “Indictment” is a scary term for good reason.

In other words, if you face fraud charges or are under investigation for regulatory violations, it is in your best interest to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. In this case, the best for these three individuals was winning reelection in a political campaign. For most people, the best is avoiding jail time, expensive fines, and damage to their personal reputations.

The best way to prepare for the worst and have a chance to achieve the best is to seek the representation of a law firm capable of fighting off damaging charges and protecting your rights, your freedom, and your good name.