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‘Meme Stock’ Trader Sees Feds Drop Laundering Charge | Law360

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Constantinescu, Firm News, Latest Significant Matters

“The government’s decision to drop Count 21 against Mr. Constantinescu signifies an admission that the government had misleadingly inflated the profit calculations alleged in the indictment by approximately $90 million, a bloated number used to garner headlines,” Constantinescu’s counsel Matthew Aaron Ford of Ford O’Brien Landy LLP said in a statement to Law360 Thursday. “We will not be surprised if we see the remainder of the charges against Mr. Constantinescu dropped in the coming months as the government comes to terms with the factual and legal deficiencies in its flawed case seeking to hold Mr. Constantinescu responsible for the Meme Stock and COVID trading phenomena of 2021.”

Great work Team! Matthew Aaron Ford, Jamie Solano, Stephen Halpin, & Cara Filippelli

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